hawthorn flatbow

Hawthorn flatbow

A little over a year a go I cut some hawthorn. I got six staves out of them but when I debarked them I found they where all littered with bug holes! Only one of the staves looked like it could have a bow in it so I cut a rough bow shape out and stored it away from my other staves to dry.
Sometime this januari I felt like trying that thing so I roughed it out to floor tiller and found some more bug holes and even worse, I found that the big knot on one limb was completely hollow. So first thing I did was drill that out from the belly and fill it with two large plugs.
One limb was pretty clean but the limb with the large knot had some more bug damage mid limb and bend into a few inches of reflex right at the knot. Heated some of this reflex out but did not want to heat it too much at the plugged knot.
I kept the bow long for less stress but could not resist to flip the tips a bit just for looks. Upper limb still looks a bit weird but did not want to risk more bending.
Added laburnum tip overlays and arrow pass and stained the bow with my osage/ammonia/vinegar slurry. The leftover bits of cambium took al different tones from the stain, weird stuff but I like it;-)
Added a contrasting leather handle wrap from and old bag and called it done.


Wood: hawthorn
Length: 66 inch ntn
Draw weight: 45 lbs at 28 inch
Max width: 1.75 inch
Extras: laburnum tipoverlays and arrow pass
Stain: osage/ammonia/vinegar
String: 8 strand fastflight


2 thoughts on “hawthorn flatbow

  1. Thanks for posting this bow, it is now my screen saver at work, sometimes things come along just at the right time, I was feeling pretty low not being too well and this has rekindled the bow making fire. When I was growing up in England we used to call the hawthorne the bread and cheese tree as you can eat the leaves, I guess it can now be called the bread, cheese and meat making tree. Paul

    1. Thank you! I am honoured you use it as your screensaver! Hawthorne is one of my favourite bow woods, although really hard to find a suitable stave it just makes really nice shooting bows.

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