Mulberry bendy

Mulberry bendy

This was a leftover split of mulberry, both length and width are almost unchanged except for some sanding. Kind off nice when roughing out the basic profile takes only 10 minutes;-) there’s only two rings in this bow, you can see the light earlywood separation in the closeup of the tip.

I don’t make a lot of bendy handles but somehow it felt right for this stave.
Narrowed the handle just a bit and flipped the tips a little with steam.

This was a very pale coloured mulberry so I fumed it for about five days. Came out pretty dark for cheap low concentrate ammonia from the supermarket!

I glued some cork on the handle to make it a little more comfortable (I like beefy handles) and wrapped it with cotton cord and some brown b50.

Shot it a bit over the last week and it shoots really smooth so I am probably going to use it for the upcoming target competitions.

update: The bottom limb developed a hinge at the bottom of the recurve, I heated that spot with a little extra reflex to stiffen it up and removed some wood from both limbs to even the tiller. The bow is now about 43 lbs at 28 inch


Wood: mulberry
Length: 62 inch ntn
Draw weight: 48 lbs at 28 inch
Handle wrap: 2 different color stringwrap
Extras: ipe tip overlays, fumed
String: 8 strand fastflight


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