Ipe/Boo static recurve

Ipe/Boo static recurve Lately I am on a self bow kick but I have always wanted to try a static laminated recurve. So in-between some self bows I started this one. My lam bows are almost always backed with bamboo and for the belly I use either massuranduba or ipe. […]

Elm mollegabet

Elm mollegabet This is my first elm stave and my first self bow mollegabet. (Did make a couple of laminated mollegabets) It was a bit of a wonky stave (see rough out pic below) but since it is elm I decided on a molly design anyways. The stave, although waxed […]

Patchy yew

Yew sapling flatbow This is a bow I made a while ago which actually failed because of a few mistakes I made. Decided to try a fix I would have never thought of without seeing it here. (Thanks Del!) The story: A friend of mine gave me some yew staves […]

Bamboo belly pyramid

Bamboo belly pyramid This bow started as a “normal” bamboo backed ipe pyramid bow. I made it for someone who wanted a light bow for target shooting but when I finished it he suddenly backed out. I never shot it really because it was only 35 pounds or something so […]

Yew sapling flatbow

Yew sapling flatbow This was a fun bow to make! I recently broke a mulberry bow in the handle (big hole at handle area but I thought it would make a cool feature, oops) so I wanted to start another bow quickly to forget about the mulberry. A bowyer who […]

Mulberry flatbow

Mulberry flatbow This bow came from a pretty rotten mulberry log I got from a friend of mine. Sapwood was all crumbly and there where lots of drying cracks. I managed to split some small staves from it. Chased to the fourth ring beneath the sap to get a clean […]

Bamboo backed ipe mollegabet

Bamboo backed ipe molly This was the first bow I made for the purpose of flight shooting. I read that both mollegabets and reflex/deflex bows are especially suited for flight shooting because they are usually quite fast (if built right) and also shoot pretty smooth. I decided on a short […]

Black Locust static HLD

Black locust static This bow came from a stave I got from a fellow bowbuilder in the Netherlands. It was quite big so I decided to split it in two, this is the first bow from that stave. The stave had some propellor twist and a sideways bend in the […]

Meidoorn Flatbow

Meidoorn Flatbow

Lokale houtsoorten Één van mijn bogenbouw missies is om van zoveel mogelijk witte houtsoorten uit de buurt een boog te maken, op dit moment is hazelaar duidelijk mijn favoriet maar dat heeft meer te maken met het feit dat het voor mij zo makkelijk te vinden is. Ik was al […]

Reflex deflex mollegabet

Reflex deflex mollegabet

Verschillende stijlen combineren De mollegabet die ik voor mijn dochter gemaakt heb is nogsteeds één van de fijnste bogen om mee te schieten. Het is maar een boog van 30 pond maar toch erg snel en soepel. Nu had ik eerder geprobeerd een mollegabet voor mezelf te maken, maar die […]