hawthorn flatbow

Hawthorn flatbow A little over a year a go I cut some hawthorn. I got six staves out of them but when I debarked them I found they where all littered with bug holes! Only one of the staves looked like it could have a bow in it so I […]

Fumed yew flatbow

Fumed yew flatbow The stave this bow is made from was a gift from my good friend Erik from Pinaka Longbows. He has tons of good bow wood and makes a habit of giving me the “marginal” pieces. You don’t hear me complain;-) This stave was very straight and only […]

Osage takedown

Osage Takedown Let’s start by telling this bow is a special one for me. I always put a lot of effort in my bows but this one even more! Why: a few months ago I was having some friendly mail conversations with Simon. Now anyone who saw my bows and […]

Laburnum 5 curve

Laburnum 5 curve A few months ago I got this really crooked piece of laburnum with a huge reflexed kink right in the middle from my friend Pinaka Longbows. The stave was already cut with a bandsaw so my width was pretty much set at about 1.2 inch max. (Stave […]

Yew deflex static

Yew Deflex Static Recurve Lately I have been on a bit of a deflex reflex kick with my self bows. Had a piece of yew with lots of sapwood and not so much heartwood which would need a handle build up anyway. So I chopped that into a rough bow […]

Osage Reflex Deflex

Osage Reflex Deflex A few weeks ago I got an osage stave from a friend of mine. He cut it narrow to get rid of all the cracks. Cracks kept appearing so he did not want to risk it and gave it to me. I chased about five rings to […]

Black locust recurve

Black locust static recurve This stave has a few knots on one limb and had a sideways bend in the middle but the other side is really clean. After roughing out I corrected the sideways bend in the handle with steam. It also has some twist but I could not […]

Ipe/Boo static recurve

Ipe/Boo static recurve Lately I am on a self bow kick but I have always wanted to try a static laminated recurve. So in-between some self bows I started this one. My lam bows are almost always backed with bamboo and for the belly I use either massuranduba or ipe. […]

Black Locust static HLD

Black locust static This bow came from a stave I got from a fellow bowbuilder in the Netherlands. It was quite big so I decided to split it in two, this is the first bow from that stave. The stave had some propellor twist and a sideways bend in the […]

Hazelaar HLD

hazelaar hld

Geen platte buik Eén van mijn favoriete bogenbouwers die vaak bogen post op het primitive archer forum is Simon Siess (primitive-bows.com) uit Duitsland. Hij maakt echt prachtige bogen en is een paar jaar geleden begonnen met zogenaamde “Hollow Limb Design” bogen. Hij heeft de theorie dat vooral bij kleine diameter […]