Osage takedown

Osage Takedown Let’s start by telling this bow is a special one for me. I always put a lot of effort in my bows but this one even more! Why: a few months ago I was having some friendly mail conversations with Simon. Now anyone who saw my bows and […]

Laburnum 5 curve

Laburnum 5 curve A few months ago I got this really crooked piece of laburnum with a huge reflexed kink right in the middle from my friend Pinaka Longbows. The stave was already cut with a bandsaw so my width was pretty much set at about 1.2 inch max. (Stave […]

Yew deflex static

Yew Deflex Static Recurve Lately I have been on a bit of a deflex reflex kick with my self bows. Had a piece of yew with lots of sapwood and not so much heartwood which would need a handle build up anyway. So I chopped that into a rough bow […]

Osage Reflex Deflex

Osage Reflex Deflex A few weeks ago I got an osage stave from a friend of mine. He cut it narrow to get rid of all the cracks. Cracks kept appearing so he did not want to risk it and gave it to me. I chased about five rings to […]

Ipe/Boo static recurve

Ipe/Boo static recurve Lately I am on a self bow kick but I have always wanted to try a static laminated recurve. So in-between some self bows I started this one. My lam bows are almost always backed with bamboo and for the belly I use either massuranduba or ipe. […]

Bamboo belly pyramid

Bamboo belly pyramid This bow started as a “normal” bamboo backed ipe pyramid bow. I made it for someone who wanted a light bow for target shooting but when I finished it he suddenly backed out. I never shot it really because it was only 35 pounds or something so […]

Bamboo backed ipe mollegabet

Bamboo backed ipe molly This was the first bow I made for the purpose of flight shooting. I read that both mollegabets and reflex/deflex bows are especially suited for flight shooting because they are usually quite fast (if built right) and also shoot pretty smooth. I decided on a short […]

Reflex deflex mollegabet

Reflex deflex mollegabet

Verschillende stijlen combineren De mollegabet die ik voor mijn dochter gemaakt heb is nogsteeds één van de fijnste bogen om mee te schieten. Het is maar een boog van 30 pond maar toch erg snel en soepel. Nu had ik eerder geprobeerd een mollegabet voor mezelf te maken, maar die […]

Eik reflex deflex

Eik reflex deflex

In opdracht Na een aantal reflex/deflex modellen heb ik steeds een en ander aangepast aan de hand van ervaringen door het schieten van deze modellen, in dit model heb ik de deflex vanuit het handvat iets minder gemaakt en de reflex in de tips juist wat meer. De reflex zit […]

Reflex deflex tri-lam

reflex deflex

Drie lagen buigen in reflex deflex Na een aantal drielaags longbows met o.a. esdoorn, padoek, purperhart en bamboe als kern begin ik de performance en looks van deze meerlaagse modellen te waarderen. De volgende moet dus weer een drielaags model worden! Nu zijn de verhalen over de performance en soepele […]