Fumed yew flatbow

Fumed yew flatbow The stave this bow is made from was a gift from my good friend Erik from Pinaka Longbows. He has tons of good bow wood and makes a habit of giving me the “marginal” pieces. You don’t hear me complain;-) This stave was very straight and only […]

Black locust recurve

Black locust static recurve This stave has a few knots on one limb and had a sideways bend in the middle but the other side is really clean. After roughing out I corrected the sideways bend in the handle with steam. It also has some twist but I could not […]

Mulberry bendy

Mulberry bendy This was a leftover split of mulberry, both length and width are almost unchanged except for some sanding. Kind off nice when roughing out the basic profile takes only 10 minutes;-) there’s only two rings in this bow, you can see the light earlywood separation in the closeup […]