Fumed yew flatbow

Fumed yew flatbow The stave this bow is made from was a gift from my good friend Erik from Pinaka Longbows. He has tons of good bow wood and makes a habit of giving me the “marginal” pieces. You don’t hear me complain;-) This stave was very straight and only […]

Patchy yew

Yew sapling flatbow This is a bow I made a while ago which actually failed because of a few mistakes I made. Decided to try a fix I would have never thought of without seeing it here. (Thanks Del!) The story: A friend of mine gave me some yew staves […]

Yew sapling flatbow

Yew sapling flatbow This was a fun bow to make! I recently broke a mulberry bow in the handle (big hole at handle area but I thought it would make a cool feature, oops) so I wanted to start another bow quickly to forget about the mulberry. A bowyer who […]